About us – Reputation Beverage Co.
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Reputation Beverage Company started out as a passion. Owner, Eric Elliott, began experimenting with kombucha after parting ways with a large-scale commercial brewery he co-founded. After discovering the never-ending health benefits and unlimited creativity kombucha holds, Eric decided he wanted to share his passion and shake up to kombucha market.

Enter: Reputation Beverage Company. Eric's reputation for producing high quality, handcrafted and creative beverages is well known throughout the local craft community. So it only made sense to name the brand "Reputation" as a promise and a reminder that Eric's drinks would be a reflection of his remarkable reputation in the craft beverage community.

In 2018, Eric became a partner of TCB Coffee Co in Lansing and DeWitt to enable him to commercially produce and sell his Reputation brand beverages. TCB Coffee Co was a well known craft coffee shop that makes some of the most unique coffee drinks around. Shortly after becoming a partner, Eric purchased TCB Coffee Co outright and re-branded the coffee shop as Reputation Beverage Co. Eric immediately began experimenting with the coffee side of the business, introducing a line of canned cold brew coffee, barrel aged coffee, and more.

Reputation Beverage Company now produces and distributes a full line of canned kombucha, canned cold brew coffee and sparkling tea, in addition to the handcrafted espresso and coffee cocktails produced in house.


We use only the highest quality ingredients to create clean, healthy beverages for everyone.

Always Fresh: We use fresh, hand selected, ingredients in all of our beverages. Nothing artificial, nothing processed, only the best for our beverages.

Health Conscious: Our goal is to create healthy drinks for active lifestyles. No added sugars, no preservatives, simple ingredients, all natural goodness.

Local Sustainability: We hand pick our ingredients from local vendors. Using locally sourced ingredients supports our local community and fellow businesses.

Antioxidant Rich: Our coffee, tea and kombucha are packed full of powerful antioxidants to help protect your body's cells from harmful free radicals!

Vitamins & Nutrients: We use cold pressed juices to create our drinks. Cold pressed juice preserves vitamins and nutrients from the fruit. Tasty & nutritious.

Probiotics: Our kombucha is lightly fermented with healthy bacteria, resulting in a refreshing drink packed full of probiotics to benefit your belly.