#1 James Gang

This combo brings the flavor! Maple Sausage with a creamy chive & onion spread.

#2 Beaches of Cayenne

Let your guard down & enjoy sweet Nutella paired with a sassy cayenne spicy finish.

#3 The Elvis

The KING of waffles. Fresh bananas- creamy peanut butter. Get ready to rock!

#4 El Chapo

He brings the heat! A perfect match with fresh jalapeno & sausage. Topped with fresh guacamole.

#5 Grace O'Malley

A lady of the sea. She brings a blend of coconut & fresh pineapple. Sweet with fresh shredded coconut leaves a refreshing impression.

#6 The Dougherty

A tip of the hat to this Traverse City pioneer. This waffle carries all natural chocolate chips & Michigan cherries. Topped with a creamy peanut butter! Wowza.

#7 The Simple Guy

A waffle that enjoys the simple things. Make me the way you like or keep me simple- Either way, I don't mind.

#8 "I Got Wasted Last Night"

Waffle, hash browns cooked into batter, sausage, cheddar, bacon (a lot of bacon), house buffalo sauce. Go on, try it... ya drunk bastard!

#9 S'mores Waffle

Just in time for that fall feeling, welcome the S'mores Waffle... Topped with chocolate chips, crushed graham crackers & of course roasted marshmallow.

#10 Bacon Meets Pebbles

It's finally happened... A colorful sweet & salty waffle that will brighten your day! A healthy amount of Bacon matched up with Fruity Pebbles and a strong base of Cream Cheese & Strawberry Jam. Yabba Dabba Dooooo!

#11 Wu Tang Waffle


Peanut Butter Bacon Toast

Hand sliced 5-grain sourdough bread, creamy peanut butter, topped with crispy bacon!

Avocado Toast

5- grain sourdough bread, scratch made avocado spread with a hint of lime. Topped with flax seed, fresh cut grape tomatoes & cilantro.